International distribution

Distribution of medical equipment and supplies through authorized agents is common practice all over the world. Communicating with, and within, other cultures often presents a particular challenge, and deep understanding of local markets and consumers is crucial in developing marketing plans and strategies.

ProBuono is registered in Lithuania and has local offices and partners in Kazakhstan and Ukraine, which allows us to distribute medical equipment and supplies not only in the countries listed above, but also throughout the European Union.

ProBuono not only takes care of sales and marketing of the products – we offer the comprehensive range of services, which are necessary for the launch and promotion of products in the market.

We offer such services as:

  • document preparation for product registration, and obtaining of the registration certificates,
  • new product introduction to market and promotional incentives,
  • distribution of products,
  • equipment configuration and launch,
  • regular warranty and post-warranty maintenance, including both diagnostic and repair work,
  • trainings for the medical personnel to use equipment properly and safely.

Several leading manufacturers in a field of cardiac surgery and medical equipment have chosen ProBuono to be their authorized dealer thanks to our competencies, reputation and great results. During this long-term cooperation ProBuono has proved to be one of the most effective dealers in the field of cardiac surgery products.

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