Heart Valves

For over 40 years, Sorin Group has been first to introduce technologies that have helped to shape the heart valve industry. 

Today, with some of the industry's most original and groundbreaking designs and a comprehensive prosthetic heart valve portfolio, Sorin valves are the choice of cardiac surgeons worldwide.

The excellent hemodynamic performance and proven long-term clinical outcomes of Sorin mechanical and bioprosthetic valves, as well as Sorin repair devices and technologies, are the qualities that surgeons have come to rely on. As technologies and surgical techniques evolve in pursuit of improved patient outcomes and lesser invasive procedures, you can expect Sorin Heart Valves to remain at the forefront of innovation and to uphold our tradition of clinical excellence.

  • Biological valves

    Sorin Group’s innovative Aortovalvular Prosthesis Mitroflow Valsalva Conduit replicates the native sinus, reducing stress on the coronary anastomoses and encourages natural formation of systolic vortex with sinus design. The conduit is designed to provide a reproducible and easy solution for better patient results. It also takes advantage of the Mitroflow proven hemodynamic and clinical results for better patients outcomes, Replicate the native sinus, reducing stress on the coronary anastomoses.

    Stented valves of Sorin Group - Mitroflow with RPT, Pericarbon More Mitral and Soprano Armonia - are safe and reliable pericardial valves, which are being widely used by cardiac surgeons all over the world since 1980-ies due to their excellent hemodynamic performance.

    In 1991, Sorin Group introduced the Pericarbon Stentless Aortic Valve. This valve is made of glutaraldehyde-treated bovine pericardium and is treated with an exclusive detoxification post-treatment. The totally fluidic, atraumautic design allows for simultaneous in-depth tissue fixation and shaping at very low pressure. Sorin Group's Pericarbon Stentless Valve represents the first-ever implant of a bovine pericardial stentless valve.
    There are no synthetic materials in Sorin Group's Stentless valve - Pericarbon Freedom, what may reduce the possibility of foreign body reaction and infection. Freedom valve may be implanted like a homograft, its inflow side may be sutured with either interrupted or continuous suture lines, while the outflow side may be sutured in a continuous fashion. It offers excellent hemodynamic performance and is implant ready, while its exclusive detoxification treatment aimed at reducing calcium intake.
    Freedom Solo valve behaves like a normal healthy valve with native-like performance. It performs well under exercise due to the absence of any rigid frame and minimal pericardial tissue and offers a fast and complete recovery of the Left Ventricular Mass and restores the heart function fast and effectively.
    Perceval S is the truly sutureless valve for curative open heart surger. It is designed to be highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of surgical approaches, including both traditional and minimally invasive.

  • Mechanical valves

    Sorin Group's Aortovalvular Prosthesis Product Line - Carbomedics Carbo-Seal and Carbomedics Carbo-Seal Valsalva - provide the excellent hemodinamics and superior handling and flexibility due to the low-porosity fabric.
    Carbomedics Carbo-Seal Ascending Aortic Prosthesis was the first-ever low-profile pre-sealed valved conduit. Prior to the development and release of Carbo-Seal, surgeons had to preclot the grafts of conduit devices with blood or albumin and bake the inundated graft to toughen the coating.
    Carbomedics Carbo-Seal Valsalva was the first to include a pseudo Sinus of Valsalva. The neo-sinus creates a natural systolic vortex flow while the radial extension of the sinus facilitates the coronary anastomosis, requiring almost no dissection of the coronary artery.

    in 1985 Sorin engineers developed a unique form of high density, ultrathin turbostratic coating named "Carbofilm™". While this is an effective coating for fabric components of rings and conduits, Sorin engineers realized a breakthrough application by coating a titanium mechanical valve housing with Carbofilm. This revolutionary concept integrated the reinforcing ring with the valve housing to create the extremely space-efficient and high performance "Bicarbon" mechanical valve.
    Bicarbon product line - Fitline, Overline and Slimline - are coated with Sorin Group's exclusive Carbofilm™ coating for enhanced hemo-biocompatibility. Their exclusive titanium alloy housing ensures high malleability, while keeping minimal radial selection of metal housing. The exclusive hinge mechanism of Sorin Group's Bicarbon valves is based on rolling, not sliding motion, reducing friction and wear to zero. Hinge recess is designed to allow hinge washing by effluent channels, reducing blood stagnation, clotting and hemolytic potential. The curvature of pyrolytic carbo n leaflets allows to achieve a laminar flow through the valve, reducing vortices and turbulence.
    Both Aortic and Mitral models are available for Bicarbon Fitline, and only the Aortic Model is available for Overline and Slimline.

    In 1993, Sorin Group introduced the first mechanical valve designed for supra-annular seating. With the largest possible orifice of any mechanical valve, the Carbomedics Top Hat Supra-Annular Aortic valve allows maximum blood flow for excellent hemodynamic performance.
    Carbomedics product line offers the comprehensive line of valves to meet every patient's needs.
    In June 10th, 2004 the 500,000th implant of Carbomedics Prosthetic Heart Valve was made. Carbomedics is the only heart valve brand which can declare 500,000 implants with zero post-operative structural failures, a tribute to the safety and reliability of each product of this line.
    All valves of Carbomedics line come with exclusive titanium stiffening rings, allowing valves to be rotated in situ and minimize the possibility of leaflet lock-up or escape. Unique cuff designs allow valves to choose the best valve position for each patient and use different implantation techniques.
    Symmetrical cuff design allows Carbomedics Optiform mitral valve to be placed in a supra-annular, intra-annular or sub-annular position simply by varying suture entry ans exis sites, while Carbomedics Orbis with it multipurpose cuff design can be used in either aortic or mitral position.

    Carbomedics Standard valves line comes with Standard Mitral and Standard Aortic valves, which have generous and flexible sewing cuffs to minimize perivalvular leaks. As all other valves in Carbomedics line, these valves ensure unsurpassed safety and clinical record for valve-related events.


    Among with Standard valves, Carbomedics line also offers Pediatric/Small Adults Aortic valve and Pediatric/Small Adults Mitral valve, which fit where other bilieaflet valves do not and minimize repeated replacements in the growing heart.
    The Carbomedics also issues the smallest external diameter bileaflet valve - Carbomedics Reduces series aortic valve, which smaller, pliable cork-shaped sewing cuff ensures improved seating in a smaller annulus or small root.

  • Repair Products - Annuloplasty Rings

    Sorin Group's innovation in the realm of repair devices is most evident in its MEMO 3D Semi-rigid Annuloplasty Ring. Utilizing the latest, high-tech biomaterials and manufacturing technologies, MEMO 3D combines a shape memory and super-elastic nickel-titanium alloy core designed to restore the natural systolic diameter ratio without losing its original form.
    The flexible design of the Carbomedics AnnuloFlex annuloplasty system provides implant versatility to accommodate surgeon preference and various clinical indications. Three-in-one prosthesis easily converts from mitral ring to mitral band or triscupid band, thanks to two suture cut points. Full flexibility of AnnuloFlex system delivers three-dimentional compliance that mirrors natural valve dynamics and barium-impregnated silicone facilitates radiographic visualization.
    The rigid desing of Carbomedics AnnuloFlo annuloplasty system adheres to the "classic" implant philosophy, while the instrumentation redefines the standard. Implant holder and handle facilitates suture placement and efficient implantation, implant shape and rigidity ensures restoration and maintenance of natural 3 to 4 dimensional ratio, while titanium rigid core provides annulus remodeling and facilitates ease of post-op radiographic viewing.

    Carbofilm coating of Sovering annuloplasty ring system enhances bio- and hemocompatibility and minimizes fibrous overgrowth. One piece construction (silicone/PET fabric) avoids displacement between the silicone core and the outer fabric when suturing, ensuring compactness. Silicone core of Sovering Band is impregnated with Barium sulfate enables radiographic visualisation, while white markers facilitate suture placement and device seating onto the posterior mitral annulus.

  • Cardio Vision MICS Instruments

    Sorin Group is the worldwide distributor of the Cardio Vision® line of surgical instruments for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS). For the past decade, the Cardio Vision® brand has been trusted by physicians throughout the world for innovative and ergonomic design, exceptional reliability and ease of use.
    The Original line of instruments are similar to the surgical tools you use today; however, like all Cardio Vision® instruments, these instruments are designed in conjunction with leading heart specialists, and are manufactured for strength and durability using the highest quality, surgical stainless steel. The Advanced line of instruments is ceramic coated and the shafts include wash ports for improved sterilization. For added flexibility, the Premium line of instruments are completely dismountable, and the modular design assures compatibility with different shaft and tip styles.
    Whether Sorin Group is providing high-value surgeon education, or bringing innovative products to market, the company is committed to meeting the current and future needs of cardiac surgeons.
    The Cardio Vision® line of instruments for MICS is a perfect complement to the comprehensive portfolio of heart valves and repair devices of Sorin Group.

    Download the catalogue of Sorin Groups' MICS Instruments