The innovations developed by Sorin Group have had a significant impact on the way cardiopulmonary bypass procedures are performed throughout the world. Over the past six decades, Sorin has influenced nearly all of these procedures from the equipment that performs the function of the heart and lungs, to blood management systems, to a full range of accessories that enhances the exceptional results achieved by surgical teams.

Sorin Group's Cardiopulmonary Products and Services have achieved a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality and reliability unmatched by any other manufacturer. Furthermore, you can expect great things from Sorin Group in the years to come. The company will continue to invest heavily in research and development, focusing the new products, on improving patient outcomes, enhancing user convenience and contributing to the financial health of the more than 5,000 hospitals around the globe. Today, Sorin Group's Cardiopulmonary Products and Services can be found in the vast majority of the world’s leading hospitals in more than 80 countries. In fact, more than 2 out of 3 cardiac surgeons use Sorin Group's Cardiopulmonary Products! This is not surprising considering that over the past six decades, Sorin Group has been responsible for many of the innovations that have made cardiopulmonary bypass surgery among the safest and most effective heart procedures performed today.
From the heart-lung machines and oxygenators that provide critical life support to the tubing, clamps and accessories that complete the perfusion circuit, Sorin Group has the device you need for cardiopulmonary bypass procedures.
The company also supports the specialists with ancillary devices, such as total blood management/autotransfusion systems and endoscopic vein harvesting solutions and accessories. The undisputed worldwide market leadership is supported by a uniquely segmented product offer.

No other manufacturer can match the focused commitment, nor the investment in innovation, made by Sorin Group.

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  • Oxygenators

    The excellent features of the innovative adult, paediatric and neonatal oxygenators of Sоrin Group result in an important reduction in the priming volume of the extra-corporeal circuit and represent an important breakthrough in reducing the inflammatory response of patients.


  • Heart Lung Machines

    Sorin Group is widely recognised as the world leader in heart lung machines development and production, combining advanced features, ergonomics, functionality and quality.


  • Monitoring Systems

    Sorin Group’s product portfolio offers unique supplementary technologies for improving biocompatibility and offering the best solutions for patient cannulation, myocardial protectionfiltration, and blood parametermonitoring systems, all intended to improve the well-being of the patient.


  • Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting

    EVH, Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting, is the new acquired business of Sorin Group, for excellent vessel harvesting outcomes.

  • Autologous Blood Transfusion

    The Sorin Group is a market leader in autologous blood transfusion (ATS) or cell saver systems, used to collect, wash/purify and separate key blood components for retransfusion.

  • Cannulation

    The Soring Group offers the comprehensive range of cannulae, with the new minimally invasive cannulation product offer.